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Open Access | Published: 2020 - Issue 4

Pica an Eating Disorder: An Overview ‎‎ Download PDF

Neha Rajput, Keerthana Kumar, Khayati Moudgil
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Rajput N, Kumar K, Moudgil K. Pica an Eating Disorder: An Overview ‎‎ . Pharmacophore 2020;11(4):11-4

Pica condition is a pattern of consumption of non-nutrient substances. There are several reasons behind that such as shortages of iron and zinc. Though pica may have a negative impact on physical functioning, it rarely impairs social functioning, often associated with comorbid disorders. The things consumed may be harmless, or can even cause death at times. Pica is more popular in children younger than this. Pica is often underreported. Pica also constitutes a deadly type of self-injurious behaviour. This behavior is more prevalent in those with behavioral and intellectual handicaps.

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