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Open Access | Published: 2018 - Issue 1

The Effect of the Emergency Severity Index Triage On Handover of Patients Among Medical Emergency Technicians and Emergency Nurses Download PDF

M. Ebrahimi, F.Shirzadi, T. Salehian, N. Ghanbarzehi

Introduction: Triage is continuously used by the nurses and medical emergency personnel to care and transfer patients. The role of triage classification in this regard is very important. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of emergency severity index triage on handover of patients among medical emergency personnel and nurses of Iranshahr.

Methods: The present interventional study was conducted among medical emergency personnel in 2016. Sample of study was determined to be 77 people. Before intervention, the mean handover and transfer time of patients among triage nurses and medical emergency personnel was determined. Then, Triage training course was hold for subjects of study using emergency severity index method. After holding workshop and follow-up, the mean of handover of patients time among triage nurses and medical emergency personnel was calculated again.  After collecting, coding, and entering the data to computer, spss statistical software was used to analyze the data. 

Findings: the mean of patients’ handover among triage nurses and medical emergency personnel was 14.09 minutes before intervention, while it was 11.46 minutes after intervention, which Wilcoxon test results indicated significant differences between before and after the intervention. Discussion and conclusions: training and the use of emergency severity index triage in medical emergency personnel can reduce patients’ handover among emergency nurses and medical emergency personnel.


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