Archive \ Volume.10 2019 Issue 2

The Issue of Therapy Postpartum Endometritis in Sows Using Environmentally Friendly Remedies

Galina Vladimirovna Osipchuk , Sergey Nikolaevich Povetkin , Andrey Ashotovich ‎Nagdalian and et al

Nowadays there is a wide range of various methods and means for treatment and ‎prevention of postpartum pathologies. Although antibiotics, sulfonamides, chemotherapeutic ‎agents, and antibacterial drugs are still the most commonly used in veterinary, all of them ‎have more or fewer drawbacks and contribute to an increase in antibiotic resistance of ‎microorganisms.‎ The purpose of the experiment was to study the effectiveness of new, economical, ‎environmentally friendly, and easy to use drugs for the treatment of postpartum endometritis ‎in sows.‎ The results of the experiment showed that the usage of environmentally safe ‎remedies for the treatment of postpartum endometritis in sows increased the safety of pigs ‎by 20%. The therapy durations were 4.44±0.358 and 4.22±0.386 days in the first and second ‎experimental groups, respectively‎‎.