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Open Access | Published: 2023 - Issue 5

Water Quality and Spatial Assessment of Physicochemical Parameters Download PDF


The study's goal was to evaluate the Jiu River's potential for having high-quality water while taking into account the typical values of the physico-chemical parameters. We created the water purity class from an ecological point of view using components and national physic-chemical quality criteria based on the 18 physic-chemical characteristics found in three sample stations. With the exception of P-PO4 class IV for all three water segments, the majority of metrics fall into quality class I; TP (class III, IV, III); N-NO2 (class II, III, III). The 8 metrics' WQI values change depending on the segment under study: Excellent (DO, BOD, Nitrate, Phosphates, pH); Good (TDS; BOD-SJ3); Bad (Temperature); and Very Bad (Turbidity) are the other parameters. In summarizing the findings, it can be said that the overall WQI's quality index changes very little. 79, 78, and 77, all of good quality, are deteriorating near the Jiu River's southern branch in Gorj County. WQI value decrease continues on Dolj County respectively: 67, 64, and 63 in the direction of flow to the Danube River. This may be explained by taking into consideration the human stresses that the watercourse is subjected to from major, intermittent, and dispersed sources on the territory of two nations.

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Nica-Badea D, Tataru T. Water Quality and Spatial Assessment of Physicochemical Parameters. Pharmacophore. 2023;14(5):40-7.
Nica-Badea, D., & Tataru, T. (2023). Water Quality and Spatial Assessment of Physicochemical Parameters. Pharmacophore, 14(5), 40-47.

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