Archive \ Volume.9 2018 Issue 2

Antibacterial Activity and GC-Mass Analysis of Organic Extract from Persian Gulf Haliclona SP

Mohammad Reza Shushizadeh , Sahar Behroozi , Abdol-Azim Behfar , Melika Nazemi

Marine organisms given the opportunity to develop more than terrestrial organisms, potentially producing new molecules in the properties of interest therefore marine organisms give us more molecules in which the result would be more information for research. As marine organisms, sponges are a variety of chemicals, including terpenes, polysaccharides and sterols have medicinal properties, antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticancer and AIDS inhibition. Persian Gulf has many species of sponges and Haliclona sp. was collected from Kharg Island, then rinsed and finally extracted with ether as solvent. Five combinations of cholestanol, 2-(Acetoxymethyl)-3-(methoxycarbonyl)bi-phenylene carboxylate, silicic acid diethyl bis(trimethylsilyl) ester, 2,4-dimethyl-Benzo[H]Quinoline and 1-(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl),2-(2-benzothiazolylthio) ethanone were analyzed using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry methods. Finally antimicrobial capacity was determined.