Table of Contents

2020 Volume.11 Issue 2

Effectiveness of Colistin With Rifampicin and Meropenem Against Colistin-Resistant Acinetobacter Baumannii Strains: An In Vitro Study
Adriana Mosca, Lidia Dalfino, Federica Romanelli, Stefania Stolfa, Raffaele Del Prete, Luigi Santacroce,
Exploring the PCR Assay for Detecting Tropomyosin: Major Allergen in Shrimp-Derived Ingredient in Food ‎‎
Nam Hoang Dang Phan, Tung Thanh Nguyen, Tran Bao Hoang Tran, Nhan Thanh Vo, Trinh Tuyet Thi Le, Minh Trong Quang, Thuy Ai Huyen Le, Thuan Duc Lao,
Valsartan: A Brief Current Review
Azman Abdullah, Muhammad Fadzli Rusli,
Overview of The Holodoctor Software Package ‎‎
T.A. Suleymanov, A. M. Kosinkova, A. E. Mishvelov, S.N. Povetkin, A. N. Simonov, I.V. Ziruk,
On the Issue of Non-Hormonal Stimulation of The Reproductive Function of Rams ‎‎
G. V. Osipchuk, S. N. Povetkin, A. N. Simonov, M. N. Verevkina, V.A. Karatunov, M. G. Yakovets,
Experience of Carrying Out Magnetic Resonance Imaging with The Use of Specialized Protocols and Programs Computer Post-Processing ‎‎
Ya. S. Shevchenko, D. P. Plohova, I.N. Bulakhova, A. E. Mishvelov, M.E. Kubalova, G. B. Badriev, Kh. A. Mildzikhov, A. N. Simonov, M. N. Verevkina, A.I. Okolelova, S.N. Povetkin,
Intestinal Parasitosis In Children: A Balkan Pilot Study
Ferizat Dika–Haxhirexha, Luigi Santacroce, Skender Topi, Jetmire Alimani-Jakupi, Aulona Haxhirexha,